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Part master upload process manual

Step 1: Make a copy of the next part sheet. Click File -> Make a copy and save this sheet as your google sheet.

Step 2: Fill up the 'Parts/Battery' sheet as per the given template format. Read below guidelines before adding your data.

Do not change template headers
Part name column is mandatory

Do not add '%' symbol in the TAX Value column, keep only number. For Ex. 5

Only numeric value should be entered in Price & Tax Decimal will be accepted.

If Part have to be added in multiple languages, then enter the part name in both the languages separated by a / example: Engine Oil / زيت المحرك

Keep the number format as Automatic or plain text.

Remove all the extra columns other than the template. (If any)

Step 3: If you are adding any data in the CATEGORY column, ensure to first create these categories in GaragePlug.

Step 4: Keep the UNIT column blank if the parts are measured as a unit and use from the list for other unit of measures items-ml, kg, g, l, gal, mm, cm, m

Step 5: Download only part sheet in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

Step 6 : Upload the CSV file into your GaragePlug account. Settings->Service & Part master->select part->upload CSV->choose file->select part type->UPLOAD

Notes : In case of dual language input, sometimes the language is not present in the excel we are using. So make sure to not create the CSV on your system, Just create and download from Google sheet in CSV format and upload.

Updated on: 16/05/2022

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