GaragePlug Updates

22th May 2024 Version 3.14.5 * Latest

Security Enhancement

15th May 2024 Version 3.14.4

Major architecture revamp to support and manage large outlet networks with ease
Introducing the “Customer Group” concept to group a set of customers and define special pricing for the same

Security, performance and stability Improvement
Improvements and bug fixes

28th february 2024 Version 3.14.3

Inspection and Repair Oders now support audio and video capture facility
Service and parts selection now shows the previously rejected items for users to upsell opportunity
Now assign multiple technicians to a single job and also split the hours between them as per the need
Now the “Owner Role” user can update adjust the clock-in or clock-out time clock if wrongly updated by technician
Quotation module enhanced to have the “Accepted” tagging to manage them better
Approved purchase orders can now be cancelled with a valid reason
Vehicle advisory now also shows the last 3 recommendations made by technicians or service advisors
Reminder module is enhanced to have tagging functionality against each service reminder
Many more performance and stability improvements and a few bug fixes

27th December 2023 Version 3.14.2

Minor Improvement

21th December 2023 Version 3.14.0

Quotation module
After much anticipation, we're delighted to roll out our new and improved Quotation Module. This update is designed to enhance your experience, providing you with more flexibility and efficiency in managing quotations.
Consent framework

Your privacy and control over your data are of utmost importance to us. With the new Consent Management feature, you now have even more control and transparency over how your information is used.


With our commitment to continually enhance your user experience, we have introduced a rounding feature that allows you to effortlessly round figures to the nearest whole number or decimal place of your choice. This feature is designed to streamline your processes and provide greater flexibility in handling numerical data within our platform.

KSA E-Invoice Phase 2

In our commitment to enhancing your experience and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations, we've been hard at work refining and expanding our E-Invoice capabilities. KSA E-Invoice Phase 2 introduces a host of new features and improvements designed to streamline your invoicing processes and elevate your overall user experience.

Performance and stability Improvement.

Many more improvements and bug fixes.
20th october 2023 Version 3.13.13

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

6th october 2023 Version 3.13.12

Garage Plug - Tecdoc integration is now live. Workshops can now effortlessly suggest the right parts for vehicles(MENA region only)

Enhancement of current global product for Indian market aspects

KSA E-Invoice phase 2 is now live with ZATCA integration.

Sales return module is now updated with complete Credit-note feature set.

Now customers can see recommendations from the workshop on the service reminder link.

Now users can customise the workflow to perform inspection before the job card or after the job card via preference settings

Users can have a custom-sized service due to stickers with new design.

Intelligent automated reminder date prediction based on vehicle service history is now live for service notes also.

Performance and Security Enhancements.

Many more improvements and bug fixes

14th August 2023 Version 3.13.11

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

14th July 2023 Version 3.13.10

Bug Fixes

7th July 2023 Version 3.13.9

A refreshed new web UI look and feel.
Intelligent automated reminder date prediction based on vehicle service history.

OpenAI driven vehicle advisory module is introduced as beta access (open to everyone).

Frequently used vehicle brands and models can be marked as favourites for quick usage.

In app notification is now available in Thai.
Now users can also record signatures while creating the invoices.
Option to attach images while booking or editing the appointment is now available.

Resend count of service due reminders are now tracked and visible to users (Overdue reminders).

Customer facing Service reminder and Service feedback link gets a completely new look.
Vendor has an additional property as vendor code for better reference.

Performance and Security Enhancements.
Many more improvements and bug fixes

17th April 2023 Version 3.13.8

GaragePlug is now available in French and Serbian (Latin) languages.
Account Daily book can be downloaded.
Estimate delivery date filter is added to the orders.
Technician copy improvements (all descriptions are now visible)
Duplicate job-card alert while creating the job card for the same vehicle.
Inventory alerts can now be downloaded
Performance and Security Enhancements.
Mexico E-invoice Implementation with SAT integration
Many more improvements and bug fixes.

28th December 2022 Version 3.13.7

Zero value job cards can be closed as Service Note (without generating an invoice)

Insurance Module now supports tax/VAT on deductibles

Inspection and appointment modules have improved UX

Inspection modules now support complete tax computations
Complete Appointment edit is now supported

Inventory has category-based filters.
Parts Service masters also have category-based filters
Inspection role is introduced for technicians to perform an inspection
Customers can now be searched using their phone number while opening a job card

Updating job card now have the option to record signature for additional approval

Stock Edit now mandates recording a reason for manual edits

Purchase order search is improved (By PO Number, By PO id, By RO number).
THAI language support introduced
Introduced: Export Data (Sales & Expenses) as per the Xero accounting software
Now hour-based labor rates introduced.

Service Monitor Board (SMB) - fully redesigned with real-time updates

Parts and Labour rates can be adjusted based on factors using rate factor masters
System Security and roles improvements
Many more improvements and bug fixes.


Customer Service Status link is fully redesigned and now has a fresh look

Inspection approval link UI is fully revamped and has options to show additional approvals

Inspection and Appointment module has a fresher look
Service Monitor Board (SMB) has a new look and is now part of the GP application

11th November 2022 Version 3.13.5

Thai Translation/Language added.
Bug fixes and minor improvements.

10th October 2022 Version 3.13.4

Automated In-app notifications are now introduced.

Service Reminder Module Enhancements:
a. Option to update the reminder date for overdue reminders
b. Option to reschedule the already existing scheduled reminder

Option to assign and re-assign QR code in every order stage

Intelligent Part purchase count prediction system is introduced.

Garage recommendations can be picked from a predefined master
Filter with vendor name, date range is available now in the stock purchase history screen.
Option to show manufacturer name in repair order while selecting parts.
Head Office Panel Module Launched - Ad-on (Beta)
Many more improvements and bug fixes.

6th September 2022 Version 3.13.3

Bug fixes and minor improvements.

1st August 2022 Version 3.13.2

Bug fixes and minor improvements.

26th july 2022 Version 3.13.1

Bug fixes and minor improvements.

14th july 2022 Version 3.13.0

Inventory module gets a completely new look.
WhatsApp automated notifications are now supported.
Now you can define margin for any parts while creating its master and also during its stockin.

Major security updates on the entire infrastructure.
Improved parts approve and return flow. Now you can see whom your parts manager issued the parts and the reason why parts got returned.

Now your Service advisor can pass extra information related to particular service to your technician at the time of assigning the job.
WhatsApp messages are automated now with custom template design.
Now you can create your purchase order with tax information.

Default tax setting for RO Level is introduced in preferences.
Improved Order based income report.
Improve Tag/Mechanic Wise Report - VIN/chassis number column added
Inspection external link User experience improvement.
Now Part Rack id can be seen in Technician copy.
Now users can set their default payment mode for all incoming payments in payment mode master.
Option to return payment for expenses added.
Spanish language added.
Now Users can set their sub-order status in WIP state - SMB
Option to set separate tax rate for purchase and sales items added.
Many more improvements and bug fixes.

23rd March 2022 Version 3.12.0

Now users can see their converted appointment and linked repair order against the same from the appointment module.
Vendor pricing and Customer pricing - search options added.
Report Enhancements: a. Master Data Export b. Canceled Expense Report c. Maintenance Contract Report added.
Performance improvements by more secure and optimized APIs
Now users can add multiple pre and post-service images at once against the job cards.
Option to add rack id while receiving the parts after the inter-branch transfer added.
Improved inspection workflow
Option to cancel draft and approval pending stage inspection
Option to edit the price of the inspection item.
Option to define the reason master for canceled orders.
Improved parts master audit log.
Option to maintain expense label and payment modes as a master in settings/preference.
Many more improvements and bug fixes.

31st January 2022 Version 3.11.0

Advanced promotion module introduced.

Sales return is now available.

Insurance module is fully revamped.

Appointment booking slots can be configured by users.

5.Order cancellation reason tagging is now introduced.

Report improvements: Accounts Receivable, Technician, New/repeat Customer, Cancel Order report, Insurance.

Purchase orders can be deleted in the draft stage.

Garage recommendations at the RO level.

Improved expense and part expense flow.

Custom categories for service packages.

AMC ledger details are now available in the Invoice

Inspection module is enhanced with more types of inspections such as text and option based.

Service Monitor Board (SMB) ad-on beta launch.

Many improvements and bug fixes.

2 December 2021 Version 3.10.0

Inter Branch Transfer (IBT) now has option to transfer partially

Now download Customer master as a report (mobile number, email, vehicle details etc)

Option to upload outsourced work history for vehicles using XL.

KSA only: New E-Invoice format is available as per ZATCA guidelines.

Parts recommendation option added against vehicle models.

Option to sort Inventory by count and recent used order.

Option to hide purchase price based on the user role.

Part and service master change logs are now available.

Many improvements and bug fixes.

31 May 2021 Version 3.7.1

Additional Column column added in Order based income report.
Minor Bug Fixes.

31 May 2021 Version 3.1.1

Inventory enhancements for Tyre inventory type.

Part history improvements.

Option to show the last 5 purchase prices and vendors while creating purchase orders.

Option to make an invoice as void is now available.

Notification/Alerts to parts manager to issue parts.

Next Service due KM Sticker customization is now possible.
Allowed discount percentage can now be customised for every user.
Option to search inspection item sections while performing the inspection.
Improvised technician work-log flow.

Option to add an image to health card line item is now possible.

Option to add before service and after service images is now available.
Option to edit custom vehicle model names.

Option to define purchase price of line item while creating a purchase order
Many improvements and bug fixes.

24 March 2021 Version 3.1.0

Vendor agreement specific pricing and customer specific pricing modules added

New reports added ( Payable and Receivable )

Bay Management & allocation module is now available (Add-on module)

Multiple currency payment methods enabled

Upload item image (Service and parts)

Option to return parts to vendor

Benchmark hours in technician screens and reports.

Remove/deactivate Package

Account daily book items now has order number as well

Shift management module is now available. ( Add-on module)

Multi-level of category for Parts and Service.

Daily report can be downloaded anytime

Payment date option while clearing all dues

Many improvements and bug fixes.

11 September 2020 Version 0.2.01

Vehicle Maintenance Contract module is now available (Add-on) - You can create annual or timed maintenance contracts against vehicles and ledgers/tracking will be handled automatically by the system.

XERO accounting software integration is now available with GaragePlug

Technician kiosk mode option is now possible for all technicians to clock-in/clock-out using a passcode on a single device. (to get this mode enabled, create a user with “GROUP_TECHNICIAN” role and login to GaragePlug

Sticker Printing for Next Service Due KM/Mile or date is available

Enhanced universal search and SKU based search in inventory

Improvised inspection module with better notifications and status tracking

Stock-in reports are now available to download from expenses anytime

New role “Price Edit Restricted” is now introduced to restrict price edit option for users creating repair orders or invoices

Parts Report now supports non-inventory consumed parts as well

Bulk vendor payment clear option now has options to add payment mode and reference numbers

Download QR code stickers right from the system anytime

Invoice PDF will now be updated with payment information soon after receiving the payment

Invoice PDF will now also have next service due information printed

Bulk PDF invoice export in ZIP format is now available

Improved technician work log for a repair order and an option to download the same

Default estimated delivery time can now be configured from preference section

Reminder improvements and option to download the reminder report is now available

Now attach part images while creating purchase order

Order list and details pages have a new fresh look now

Many more Improvements and bug fixes.


17 July 2020 Version 0.1.11
Activity Log framework to show performed actions in timeline manner for Orders, Appointment,
Inspection,Counter Sale, Feedback and Reminder modules

Inspection Module Improvements

a. Customer can now approve or reject service/parts items from the web link
b. Option to add quantity and price for service and parts items add to inspection
c. Inspections added after opening the job cards can now be saved as draft for multiple times edit

Customer service status link is now available, all customers will now get a weblink to view service
status and all pdf documents related to the same

Brand new service reminder booking link

Reports can now be saved or viewed in Google Drive

Appointment module Improvements
a. Improved UI
b. Now supports reschedule notification
c. Appointment creation now supports search “By Customer”
d. Time-slot improvements
e. Tag-framework is now supported in appointment

Adjustment framework is now available for rounding off the invoice values

Choose invoice/estimate templates from the template library

Technician assignment and status is now available at the repair order level

Service Reminder module UI improvements

SKU based search is now supported for parts in Repair Order, Inventory and Parts master screens

Many more Improvements and bug fixes.

18 May 2020

Stock-in With Expense
Coupon & Loyalty Framework in Appointment System.
Insurance Split Billing
Vehicle Plate Number in Universal Search.
Time Slot,Pickup Request And Address Navigation In Appointment System.
Status Change for Counter Sale.
Improved CSV Format For Parts and Services.
Auto Service Reminder Calculation.
Improved Search Option in Inventory for Vendor and Manufacturer.
Notification On Current Wallet Balance at the time of Payment.
Option to send Inspection Check sheet to the Customer via WhatsApp.
Additional Filter In Order Bucket.
Improved Inspection Work-Flow.
Vendor Name in Expense List Added.
Improved My Customer Edit Option.
Customer Feedback Report Added.
Stock-in Report on Email
Many More Improvements and Fixes.

1 April 2020

QR Code Framework and Sticker Printing
Loyalty and Discount Module
Stock-in With Multiple Currency.
Service feedback & reminder portal Customization and multilingual options
WhatsApp Auto Message Customization.
Customer, Parts and Service Synchronisation within Branch

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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